Customer led sales conversion

Brand perception is now in your customer’s control. Genion drives sales with customer led conversions. Our platform builds trust and brand reputation throughout your customers buyer journey.

Our end to end solution can be fully integrated into your existing business systems and processes, dramatically increasing key sales metrics that drive brand success.

Our technology harnesses the power of your customers to speed up your sales journeys, now and into the future.

People selecting which store they'll purchase from

Automated digital word of mouth

Businesses large and small are built on word of mouth. In 2021, word of mouth is digital.

Genion was developed to provide optimised, integrated digital word of mouth solutions, providing our clients a sustainable competitive advantage in Marketing. 

What’s digital word of mouth? Think reviews where you need them and authentic user generated content deployed throughout the buyers journey. It’s your satisfied customer base validating your marketing claims and working for you 24/7.

Put customer sentiment to work

Capture, manage and deploy your customer sentiment with Genion.

  • Fully integrated end to end solution as opposed to multiple single point solutions.
  • White labelled to secure maximised brand protection for your business.
  • Open platform-based flexibility to seamlessly fit all business processes.
  • Australian owned, made and supported.
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